Life in the UK Preparation with ESOL

The course is designed for those who intend to apply for British Citizenship to gain sufficient knowledge and test practice support to pass the Citizenship exam. Tutors will help you to remember 100s of facts for the exam. You will obtain guidelines on how to study for the exam as well as someone ‘to keep you on track’ when it comes to regular commitment to study these lengthy topics – other fellow students and your tutor. ESOL preparation and support are also an integral part of the course to ease you learning for the BC exam.

Course Duration

5 weeks

Mode of Delivery

  • online, 90 minutes a week

Entry Requirements

  • ability to understand and communicate in English


Week 1 – 3

  • British History (from the first people to arrive to Britain until nowadays)

Week 4

  • Contemporary society (art, culture, sport and religion)

Week 5

  • UK government, law and individual’s role in society


  • exam practice questions (during the session and at home individually)
  • This is a preparation course, participants are expected to book a Citizenship exam at an authorised exam centre at the day, time and place that suits them (based on current availability)

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